Praise Reports

Here, you will find real-life stories of how God touches people's lives through this ministry! We encourage you to read them all to build up your faith in every area of your life!

If you have a praise report, we would love for you to share it with us! Our form allows you to write your testimony ! All testimonies will be reviewed by ministry staff to ensure appropriate content before publishing to the list below.



Praise Report


Physical Healing, Emotional Healing

Attended Gospel Truth Seminar..."Four years ago I was very sick with Hashimotos(autoimmune problem related to the thyroid), diabetes and a brain injury.This was a mid life crisis for me. Would I be able to walk in the dreams God gave me when I came to the Lord? I was depressed, very anxious, I couldn’t sleep, I had no energy. I couldn’t retain information or organize my week anymore. I couldn’t work. I worked very strictly with food and supplements. I got healthier, but after two years I questioned the fear of food and making a mistake that set me back again. How could I do missions like this? I went to Bethel healing room. I was healed. Thyroid problems are very subtle, the enemy more so. I was able to start doing some ministry. Fears were still there and I wavered. I was taking medication for my thyroid. I went to an Andrew Wommack conference in October or November of 2019 to learn more about standing in healing. I received prayer for my thyroid. It didn’t seem like a big deal. Thyroid is very subtle. I thought I can live with this. I started to have heart palpitations within the next month so I started experimenting with less medication and that seemed better. I felt the Lord saying I should get off the medication. I visited my doctor and told her this. She checked my heart. She said you are so determined I know you can do this. Stay off the medication and after a couple of weeks I’ll check you. This support was so helpful! My levels were good. After a couple months I noticed subtle symptoms creeping up again; more anxiety, more difficulty with my memory,administrating my home. Gosh sleeping was laborious and I was often so tired I didn’t feel I could go to events at night, getting mad too easily. Hearing more Andrew Wommack teachings has been so helpful to understand what the process of standing looks like. This process is so important to the church. I understood all this was fear. I am healed period." Submitted in March, 2020



Attended the Healing School Calgary... "We were so blessed to attend the meeting this afternoon. Excellent ministry was taught through Scott Kennedy. We enjoyed taking our friends who both received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and were greatly encouraged in the healing journey while battling serious medical issues. It is such a blessing to have been able to attend." - Submitted in March, 2020


Financial Blessing

Attended the Prophecy, Increase, and Healing Conference ... "I had 36 dollars when I walked in on Saturday. I gave 20 at the offering request. I came back Monday morning and was a little scared...Why did people not pay me the money they owed? Why have people not come through when they said they would.Ashley asked for an offering again. I was clinging to my remaining $16.00. Then I remembered - if what I have is NOT a's probably supposed to be a seed! I decided to take all my money - all $16.00 and put it in the offering envelope. It must have been weird for Ashley and Carlie to open an envelope and find a FIVE a TEN and a LOONIE.Two days. $36.00.... it was all I had. Tuesday night - the next day - I received a call from a potential future client...she said, "There has been a misunderstanding as to how we want to avail ourselves of your time Barry - If we give you $3,000.00 extra can you double the amount of time you share with us?"YES!!! The same night, a lady I met in 2012 called and asked if I could share some ideas with her. She offered me just over $600.00 (CAD) for my time. $3,000 + $600 = $3,600 on a $36 offering.Jesus delivered on His promise again... 100 FOLD!!! Thank You Jesus!Thank you Charis." - Submitted in Feb, 2020