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Are you looking for other like-minded believers with whom to go deeper in the Word? Charis Bible Studies is for you! These small groups are led by Charis alumni who are dedicated to discipleship. Through Charis Bible Studies, you can come together with other Christians in your area to study the Word and Andrew’s teachings.

If you are Charis Bible College Alumni and would like to start a bible study, please scroll down for information on how to do so. What has been deposited in you during your time at Charis Bible College, is far too valuable to keep to yourself. Whether you are starting a Church, going on the Mission Field, starting an Extension School or want to touch your neighborhood, this is an excellent way to touch lives with the Gospel.

About Us

Charis Bible Studies is in the process of providing Bible studies in your neighbourhood, led by Charis Certified Group Leaders. Connect with believers in your area by studying the Bible together!

Empower Charis Certified Group Leaders to connect with people who desire genuine discipleship based on the truth of the Gospel.

Equip the body of Christ with meaningful relationships, a sound learning environment, and the life-giving message of God's unconditional love and grace.

Future Goals
Support the growth and needs of Charis Bible Studies with new and innovative ideas to spread the Gospel throughout the world reaching far and deep.

Core Values & Beliefs
Charis Bible Studies is built on the pillars of discipleship, connection, and relationship.

We will relate and communicate with Charis Bible Study participants with integrity, efficiency, and accountability.

The needs of the people will be met through effective teaching in a relationship-based atmosphere.

The grace of God will be made evident to the numerous communities in which we operate by the lives that have been forever changed through the Word.

Please contact the Charis Bible Study group in your area!

Group Leader Location Phone/E-mail
Oscar Del Rio Toronto ON
Ian & Daad Taylor Hamilton-Stoney Creek ON
Sonia Warren-Kidd Brampton ON
Michelle Boyd Toronto ON
Phyllis Brandow Airdrie AB
Vicki Macfarlane Vermilion AB
Jeff Paton Virtual Zoom Meeting
Tony Cortes Virtual Zoom Meeting
Kendall Woodward Virtual Zoom Meeting
Linda Macpherson Napanee, ON
Cristina Pa-Ac Virtual Zoom Meeting
Debra Cronin Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Become A Group Leader

Are you interested in becoming a Charis Bible Study Group Leader? If you are a Charis Bible College graduate (2 yrs) and would like to start a Bible Study, this will be the launching pad to expand the ministry God has given you. Whether planting a church, going on the mission field, or starting a Charis Bible College extension school, this is an excellent way for you to connect with people in your area. We are here to serve YOU and help YOU reach your full potential in Christ. In addition, we are giving the people around you an opportunity for true discipleship.
The process is simple:
First, review the requirements and guidelines.
Second, fill out and submit the on-line application.

You are now on your way to becoming a Charis Bible Study Group Leader!

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