The Power of Partnership

Giving is a powerful force. It makes a place for us among the great and can change the direction of our lives. Partnership through monthly giving, however, is a special form of giving. It shows a commitment and dedication to the cause of those we support. Partners enable Andrew to go farther and deeper by making his teachings available to many around the world for free. Partners don’t just support a ministry—they support the Gospel!

In The Power of Partnership Package, you’ll learn the value of not only giving to a ministry, but also of partnering with one that’s making a difference in eternity. If you want to find out more about partaking in the joys and blessings of partnership, this package is for you!

The Power of Partnership Package includes:

Price: $70 $49

In partnership, you not only bless the people that are being touched by the ministry, but you start a supernatural flow for your finances. You partake in the anointing, vision and, therefore, blessings that are on the ministry. Get Andrew’s teaching on The Power of Partnership and learn more about how your investment in the kingdom is an investment in your life. As a special gift, new Grace Partners of Andrew Wommack Ministries Canada will receive The Power of Partnership CD absolutely free! Call the Helpline at 647-348-2220 to find out how you can partner with the ministry and start the supernatural flow of your finances today!

For existing Grace Partners, you may click here or call 647-348-2220 to request a promo code for a free Power of Partnership CD Album.